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miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011


Here is a song for you! These are the instructions:
1. Listen to it once, and look at the monster in the lake! also, try to understand what the song says.
2. Try to sing along - the sentences are eassy and repetitive
3. See the lyrics bellow and sing along with Nessie and his friends!


In the fog (twice)

on the lake (twice)
in the land (twice)
of the big green monster

we found the green monster

he´s so great

the green monster

he´s so big

the green monster

does it frighten you?

It frightens me!


Let´s now see how much you have learnt about Nessie. Click on the link bellow and play! In this game you have to complete sentences by dragging the correspoding words. Good luck!

Next is the link to Nessie´s official site, so that you can explore and learn more about the legend and real facts. Enjoy it!

lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

SCOTLAND: NESSIE´S STORY - we learn another English accent

Loch Ness is in Scotland. In Scotland, inhabitants speak regional languages, but also English. Due to cultural and historical facts, the way they speak English is different to the English you can hear in England or America - they have a different accent. An accent is a particular way of pronouncing a language asociated with a country or area.

With this story, I want to introduce you to a different kind of English to train your sound awareness and to learn about another English Speaking Country.

Scotlan is a beautiful country with a lovely nature and very friendly people. I really recommend you to go there one day. Loch Ness (a Loch is similar to a lake) is very famous, can you guess why? it is the place where it is said Nessie lives!

Listen, read and watch the story by clicking in the next link!